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Precipitation in Austria

This hit list shows Austria’s weather stations with the most precipitation. It shows the totals over 12 hours, i.e. from 8:00 to 20:00 and from 20:00 to 8:00 respectively (winter time: from 7:00 to 19:00 and from 19:00 to 7:00). It is updated twice a day, in the evening and in the morning.

1.Weißensee-Gatschach, 954 m3 l/m²
2.Dellach im Drautal, 627 m2 l/m²
3.Katschberg, 1633 m2 l/m²
4.Kötschach, 709 m2 l/m²
5.Mallnitz, 1200 m2 l/m²
6.Spittal an der Drau, 542 m1 l/m²
7.Lienz, 659 m0,6 l/m²
8.Sillian, 1081 m0,6 l/m²
9.Zeltweg, 677 m0,6 l/m²
10.St. Michael/Lung, 1094 m0,5 l/m²
11.Eisenkappel, 620 m0,4 l/m²
12.Fischbach/Stmk, 1050 m0,4 l/m²
13.Kalwang, 744 m0,3 l/m²
14.Präbichl, 1240 m0,2 l/m²
15.Villach, 495 m0,2 l/m²
16.Aflenz, 774 m0,1 l/m²
17.Maria Alm/S, 810 m0,1 l/m²
18.Murau, 813 m0,1 l/m²
19.Neumarkt, 842 m0,1 l/m²
20.Pörtschach, 453 m0,1 l/m²

20.11.2019, 07:00